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The Voice of Advocacy for Women in Westchester

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WWA Supports Choice

Supporting Choice

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County Budget Hearings

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The Westchester Women’s Agenda, a non-partisan, anti-racist feminist coalition, plays a significant role in Westchester County.  Whether meeting with legislators, holding educational forums, sponsoring public rallies and news conferences, advocating at budget hearings, or creating a report on the status of women in Westchester, WWA values the equality of all residents and the need to create policies and practices that redress imbalance, to ensure equitable rights and create opportunity. 

Adopting an inter-sectional approach, we endeavor to work in a nuanced way. We recognize that racism and classism, as well as gender, age and physical bias, create overlapping systems of discrimination. These require attention and dismantling, in order to strengthen relationships of dignity and equality among all people and ensure our common well-being.

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